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Happy Birthday Sk8erboy® - 21 Years are amazing

On August 13th 2001 the very first Sk8erboy® website went online. still very basic but already full of great products like our Sk8erboy® Crew Socks , which we have had produced in the same quality in germany for over 20 years. there are many exciting meetings, parties and events behind us. the Sk8erboy® community is active worldwide. from the west coast of the usa, to the deep south of africa, to the wild coasts of australia and asia. everywhere there are horny guys out there who love our products! today we as the Sk8erboy® team want to say thank you to all of you! we are looking forward to many more great years. be curious what new things we have come up with for you! the next high points from our socks lab will follow!
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