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Sk8erboy® FST ABL Socks

Sk8erboy® FST ABL Socks

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A darkroom highlight at it´s best!

The message FST ABL (= fist able) should make it unmistakably clear to everyone what you are about. If you are passive and like to have a fist get it for you, then these socks are for you. So that your fister can spot you immediately, we have packed the message in a big way on the sole. So it is clearly understandable at parties in the doggy position or in the sling! Lie down, legs up and relax DEEP!

And for condoms, poppers or banknotes, we've come up with something special for you! A small inside pocket on the left shaft stows everything that you can't put away. Because only wearing a jock and socks you can safely stow your valuables and give yourself away to your date without hesitation.

As a little extra, we have already equipped the inside pocket with a free condom for you.


  • FST ABL on the inside and outside of the waistband
  • Sole right FST
  • Sole left ABL
  • Inside pocket on the left for rubbers and valuables
  • fluffy premium quality!
  • Material:95% cotton, 5% spandex
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